Vintage 2021

Vino rosso Aromino

Tasting Notes

Alcohol content 16% vol.

An aromatized chinato red wine, made only with Nebbiolo grapes.

The recipe consists of 10 different herbs, including coriander, tonka bean, rhubarb, cinchona, cardamom and nutmeg.

It goes well with dark chocolate and mature cheeses, but also with meliga and hazelnut pastes.

Ideal serving temperature: 5 °C.

Basic Information

Product name: Aromino Rosso Chinato
Vine variety: nebbiolo
Denomination: rosso aromatizzato chinato (red flavoured chinato)
Color: red
Typology: still
Production area: Piemonte
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 16% vol.
Residual sugar: 80 g/l
Number of bottles produced: 900


Grape: 100% nebbiolo
Soil: a medium mixture of clay and loam soil
Exposure: east west
Cultivation system: guyot
Year of implantation: 1974
Harvest date: 5 October
Type of harvest: manual into crates


Method: maceration of the spices with alcohol at 60 degrees with pumping over
Temperature: 26 °C spontaneous and not thermo-conditioned
Duration: 30 days
Malolactic: yes
Aging: in bottle
Minimum time in bottle: 6 months


Weight of empty bottle: 494 g
Aging potential: 6 years
Stopper size: 24 x 30
Stopper material: silicone
Type of bottle: bordeaux

Chemical Analysis

Dry extract [g/l]: 27
Total acidity [g/l in tartaric acid]: 5,30
Volatile acidity [g/l in acetic acid]: 0,50
Total SO2 [mg/l]: 59
Free SO2 [mg/l]: 20

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